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October 17, 2016 @ 9:41 pm

How The Family Can Enjoy Big Bend National Park

The Big Bend National Park is considered among the most sought after vacation destinations and camping locations for those heading towards the southern part of the United States. Located in southwestern Texas and near the border of Mexico, the Big Bend National Park is visited by tourists all year round. Known as a place with over 800,000 acres of wildlife spaces, the Big Bend National Park is open for tourists and visitors all year round and is known for the beautiful views, lodges and mountainous spots that are great for having this photo shoot that you are dreaming in your life. This article provides everything that tourists need to know about the Big Bend National Park and hopes to motivate you to try doing a road trip towards this area known to almost everyone.

The Big Bend National Park has also been touted for providing a lot of hiking trails depending on the expertise level and roads that can go around the park and can provide a lot of different possibilities for people to try the activities such as hiking, horseback riding, backpacking and other outdoor adventures. The Big Bend National Park has always been able to feature the Rio Grande River that is available for tourists to try water related sports and activities, and they are situated near the Mexican border and towards the Latin American region. These water related activities for the tourists are kayaking, rafting, river activities, canoeing and seeing the canyon that is plunged deep at 1,500 feet.

As mentioned, the national park features a desert landscape known as the Chihuahuan Desert that covers many of the park’s spaces and the Chisos Mountains that appears like an island midst the place. Tourists can also be introduced to the Emory Peak, which is highest elevation in the national park, standing at around 8,000 feet from the ground. From here, tourists can be able to experience the park like never before. They can relax in the shade of trees in the jungle, such as oaks, junipers and pines while enjoying the breathtaking spots, mountains and the rest of the desert area. There can be several hiking trails and spots in the mountainous regions of the Chisos Mountains in the national park.
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The Big Bend National Park is also a venue for camping and tourists can choose from various options. There are three campgrounds in the Big Bend National Park that have been developed for lighter fares such as family picnics, camping, grilling and water activities. The grounds also offer several old-style camping options from the camping grounds available for all families to enjoy.Why Resources Aren’t As Bad As You Think